No Time to Think

We’re coming up on Memorial Day weekend and my initial thought was to look back at this year and reflect where all the time has gone, but frankly, I don’t have the time!  This year has moved at flux capacitor speed, or at the speed of my new car which is incredibly fun to drive but I digress.

Last year my horoscope/numerology said, “2016 kinda sucks.  Don’t get attached to anything cuz it isn’t staying.  2016 is about closing chapters and taking time for yourself, preparing you for the future…because 2017 is going to be crazy!”

Then I read a book that said, “You have to prepare yourself for the things you want to happen for that is when they CAN happen.  So, I spent the entire Thanksgiving break painting, repairing and fixing everything in my house so that I could leave at a moment’s notice.  I prepped my realtor and  I contacted a friend who was now a career coach and started to prepare myself for a new job once I got to the new city.

Naturally, because I am an extremely patient person, I expected everything to happen on January 1st because it was now 2017 and I threw a big party to send of 2016, and we need to get this show on the road.  Instead, something else happened, my grandma entered the hospital and my uncle entered hospice both before Jan 5th.  My year was definitely off to a start, although not the one I was expecting.  My uncle died on January 9th and I left for home, which made everything seem real.  I’ve decided that as hard as it is to be away, you have the luxury of compartmentalizing your emotions.  However when you are forced to face those emotions, they burst through like a mighty river.  Thankfully my Grandma recovered (as much as a 93-year-old can when a child dies) but she is able to be in assisted living and I am thankful for that.

My emotional haze lasted until about mid February.  One Saturday I came down to RVA for my friend’s birthday party.  On the way my Dad called me in the car and casually asked if I was going to look at apartments.  I said I looked at a building I liked online and figured I would come down another time because I wasn’t really ready yet.  I hung up and thought about it for a few minutes.  Then I called the apartment and made an appointment that day.  I liked the building and the location and the price.  With no intention of signing a lease the agent said, “If you sign the lease today, we’ll give you one month free rent.” SOLD.  I need a pen!

When I got home I called my Realtor.  We listed my house for rent Monday morning and it rented by Monday afternoon!  Perfect rental history..woohoo! They keep a clean house…woohoo!  They need to move in two weeks..wooh..WHAT!?!  That’s what a u-haul and friends are for!

Right away I started getting asked whether I was going to start looking for jobs or give myself time to get settled.  Like an idiot I said,” Oh, I’ll wait until I’m settled.”  Im pretty sure I got called for 2 jobs before I even had the truck loaded.  After a little over a month of interviewing I had a new job, but not just a new job…the job I had been asking for!  I almost doubled my money AND I have the ability to earn travel points so I can essentially take vacations for free now which is my lifelong goal, as anyone who knows me would know.  I’m thinking England later this year and maybe Mexico next year but we’ll have to see where the wind takes me.

So all of that brings me here to May 25th.  I’m chronically tired now but I’m off to WV and Austin so there is no rest when you’re getting everything you want.  Plus, its only May and I have more goals to achieve now.  I’ll let you know when I get those accomplished.