My Minimalist Life

I can’t decide if my interest in being a minimalist has more to do with my frustration toward mass commercialism and greed or with the fact that I live in a shoe box and just signed another lease.  I suspect it is the later.

Hours upon hours have been wasted scrolling through youtube, getting ideas about how to purge and declutter my life.  Zero hours have been spent doing any of it.  My resistance to trashing perfectly good stuff is strong, young grasshopper, but minimize I must.  Afterall, I am consistantly told that ‘the state of ones home reflects the state of ones life.’  If this is true then I’ve been a disaster since 1996.

Day 1: Tackle Laundry room/pantry/storage/furnace room

See, I told you I live in a shoe box.  Remember when we all had non wifi enabled laptops with 75,001 chords and MP3 players the size a Chihuahua?  Remember when people were obsessed with Chihuahuas for two years? Yes?  Well then you’ll appreciate that old electronics are presenting my first real minimalist challenge.  They have been nicely sitting in a plastic tub inside approximately seven houses.  They’ve done nothing wrong except play victim to a revolution.

The MP3 (music player…3?), for instance, is certainly donatable but who will want to listen to Micheal Buble on repeat c. 2005; besides a sappy college girl from 2005?  Plus said person would have to magically aquire a mini usb because some genius switched us to micro. Plus again, that MP3 was absurdly expensive so trashing it makes me slightly ill!  I was hopeful that after typing through my dilemma a solution would appear but alas I am at an impasse so this is a decision for another day.

2: Shoes

Last night I sat in the garbage heap that is now my apartment and decided shoes were the next hurdle.  How many shoes do I need.  The idea that you only need 5 pairs of shoes is ridiculous so I settled on 10.  Below is my goal list:

  • Boots/booties (2)- got it
  • Casual shoes- got it
  • Work sandals- need to buy
  • Work pumps (2)- need to buy 
  • Casual sandals- need to buy
  • Sneakers (2)- got it
  • Flats-need to buy

I slept soundly knowing I had new shoes to buy… but reality bites.  These are my trash/donate shoes, does it look like I need to buy anything!?!

The saddest part is that I found a pair of work sandals AND work heels hidden in my closet!  My first thought was “Are you friggin serious!?! I bought a second pair just like this and I like this pair better! What am I supposed to use my christmas gift cards for now??”

Overall I was able to pair down my shoe collection to 12-ish (some not pictured). I have also decided to institute the ‘one in, one out’ rule so all shoes can fit neatly on one glorious shoe rack like this-

But honestly, I need more color right?

Please stay tuned for another episode of ‘My Minimalist Life,’ LIVE from the garbage heap. This is going to take longer than expected.