Resolutions Month 2

For the most part January was a success.  It was my no means perfect but it was successful none the less.

Eating: In January my eating was vastly improved from the holiday schmorgesborg of food and alcohol.  The first three weeks were extremely empowering.  I didn’t ahnilate the bread basket on girls night.  I kept my wine nights to a minimum and I said adios to refined sugar.  I was on a roll.  However, something happened during the snow days that made me realize I needed to work on my mindset surrounding eating and not just on how strictly I could follow a diet plan. 

When the Jonas Brothers sent their blizzard last week I literally had the thought, “Blizzard=I Can Be Bad.”  Three minutes later I ate half a pizza, 10 organic oreos (the healthy kind) and 6 cheesy breadsticks.  By Sunday I was up to 3 dinners and 1 bottle of wine.  Apparently this means my brain really can just click on and off when it comes to food. 

After coming to this conclusion I decided that if my brain can click on and off so easily when it comes to food then maybe I can train it to do something better.  

One of the podcasts I listen to, the HeyFrase podcast, talked about Mindful Eating and I began to think that this might be the perfect compliment to my new attempt at yoga.  Mindful eating is based in meditation and awareness and teaches you to slow your eating process and focus on the present.  Perfection! Kindle: Downloaded.  I will fill you in as I go.

Exercise:  I’ve done yoga 27 of the past 30 days and it has really made a difference in my muscles and mind.  My goal for this month is to continue the yoga and add some kettlebell back into my routine.

All in all Month 1 was a success!  I hope to start Month 2 just as strong.  And no, no plans to weigh myself this month either.


One thought on “Resolutions Month 2

  1. Erin,
    My, oh my, can I relate. One of the great pleasures of life is food and drink. What are we supposed to do??!! Anyhow, I am reading this book called “Big Girl” by Kelsey Miller. It is funny and sad and so US! You have to get it. Her writing style is like yours…honest, heartfelt and so very real. I think you are stunning at any size or shape, but I know this struggle all too well (just like you.) Love you E. with all of my heart. Know that always. C.

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