Life is a Numbers Game

​Does everyone know that NASA changed the astrological signs?  Well actually they ‘corrected’ the Zodiac because someone once upon a time decided to delete Ophiuchus.  That was rude but’Phiuc Ophiuchus!’  If its not broke, don’t fix it!

People don’t just go from being a Type A Scorpio to a laid back Libra (you know who you are) because someone in NASA’s math department decided to make a name for themselves! In some ways I feel bad for Ophie.  He’s that annoying 13th wheel that no one really wants around because he’s awkward and makes the other signs uncomfortable.  And seriously, I am just not an Aries!  I am a textbook Taurus.  #taurusunite

How are you feeling with this information?  Anger? Saddness?  A sense of loss?  If so then have no fear, I have the solution for you: numerology.

I was first introduced to numerology in college when Montel did a show about Glynis and her numbers.  I had no idea what her last name was but I bought her book immediately.  I have an unhealthy need to have things add up so I was immediately drawn to the use of a calculator to figure out life complexities.  Perhaps I should have been an accountant but, boring, so instead I run other peoples birthdays for fun! Get ready to bust out your calculator for the low down on numerology.

Remember the Pythagorean Number System from Alegbra?  No? Well that’s ok it just illustrates that numerology started a long time ago.  Once you get to the segment of numerology where letters and numbers correspond? the system comes in handy but that is down the line.

Numerology is based on the idea that that every number, or set of numbers, can be added together, then broken down to a single digit.

Life Path Number 

The most influential number is your Life Path Number and that is calculated using your birth day:

7/15/ 1992 


3+4 =7 

So 7 is this person’s life path number.  My life path number is 4. (Do a Google search, I’m not explaining what every number means)

Now once you have your personal number you will undoubtedly start calculating the life path numbers of everyone you know.  Then you will wonder how the numbers correspond. Good question!  Certain numbers are natural matches, while others present a challenge.  Here is the chart!

Now I wasn’t sure about all this until I checked my two best friends:  2 and 8!  Interesting.  

After checking every single person I know I discovered that, holy crap, I have a TON of friends who are 9s.  Like a TON!  So just because you’re a challenge number doesn’t mean you can’t be friends or in a relationship, it usually means some communication is different or you see the world differently. 

My second favorite number is the house vibration.  After checking the house numbers of places I’ve lived, all of the results were spot on!  I grew up in a 3 house which means always lively and creative, never a dull moment.  Riotous laughter or fighting, no inbetween.  My times in a 1 and 4 house have been focused on self ddevelopment, just like the number said.

Never again will I live in a 5 house or date a 5 person.  Or a 1 person for that matter…. 6s are on the cusp…Not to hurt the feelings of 1s or 5s but we’re conflict numbers in relationships and personal experience has proven that…a few times.

Hooked yet?

Sorry, I must end tonight’s session.  Maybe we’ll have numerology round 2 but for now I’m sure you have some googling to do!

Happy Obsession!


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