Hot Mess Express

Look out 2018,  the hot mess express has left the station and I’m not on it!  As I tinker away in my newly organized apartment I realize for the first time ever that I know exactly where everything is.  Where is my iPad chord? I know.  Do I have AAA batteries? No I do not.  I know what I need and what I don’t need.  The items currently queued in my Amazon wish list are only actual necessities with a purpose instead of something to take up space.  The year feels calmer already!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still intend to buy things I want but currently(for instance) I know that here are cream colored flats about three months from being replaced, so three months I shall wait!  The vacuum found a new home to enjoy.  The keys have a new hook by the door and next Tuesday a special cutting board compartment will be arriving.  Essentially I am a master at this minimalist/organization thing already and we are only few hours in.

New Year, Less Mess

Coming into a new year with an organized life is freeing.  I have no resolutions this year other than to have more fun and to practice living in the moment and for the moment.  In a way doing this exercise to de-clutter clears the mind for other things.  I can continue my quest to become a wine snob.  Maybe I can even finish one of the 20 books I’ve started that are staring at me from the shelf.  What my thirty-ish years have taught me is that it is going to take effort to keep this decluttered life afloat, all the more reason to try.

The problem I’ve always had with resolutions was the expectation of it all.  You force expectations on yourself and failure is always an option but failure isn’t reality.  To me not living up to a resolution simply means that it is time to re-evaluate and change direction.

Tomorrow reality strikes again and I’m well aware that I can destroy a room at the speed of sound but here’s hoping the hot mess express doesn’t come back around so soon this time.



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