29 and 354 Days

At this point it seems the slide into 30 is inevitable.  Not that it could have been prevented but it’s difficult to deny the inevitable at this stage of the game.  As I do around every birthday or milestone I took a step back to evaluate things and and see if I could figure out where my life is headed.

First, life headed to the kitchen to get the wine opener and a glass.  That’s as far as life got because basically I have absolutely no idea where my life is going.  At 30 my parents were starting a business and contemplating raising small humans.  Meanwhile I’m laying here contemplating needing a maid service for myself and buying a pet goat so I never have to worry about yard maintenance again.

I’ve also discovered that 30 is the age where you can no longer get drunk and sleep on the ground.  I’m stuck in bed with a sore back, neck, side (aka  everything).  I just took three Advil and rehearsed for my future “Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” infomercial empire.  Thirty is proving to be quite glamorous already.

What I do know is that I have THE best friends in the whole world.  And THE awesome-ist family, hands down.  For everything else I intend on figuring life out once I wake up from my nap and my hip stops hurting.  I’ve got a week and a half of 20-dom left so maybe I’ll have it all figured out by then.  If not, my therapist is on speed dial.


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