P*#% Off Winter

There is a moment as one season is ending and another begins where you can step out of your front door and actually smell the difference.  No, it’s not hot garbage, it’s simply a smell or a feeling that something is in the air, seasons are changing and new days are coming. 

A few weeks ago as I stepped out of my door I could see it, smell it and taste it.  Spring was here!  Hallelujah!!

Well, Spring, you’re a big fat liar!  As I sit, trapped in my vehicle enduring a frozen torrential hurricane, my patience is wearing thin.  The heat is pumping out of the vents, making my skin dry, the windshield wipers are cranking to max capacity and the gage on my dashboard says 50 degrees, although I feel like 50 degrees is hopelessly optimistic.  Utterly defeated, I check my phone for the weekly forcast of doom.

Saturday: High of 45 degrees/wintery mix


Excuse me but I have things to do outside.  I have Spring things to do, ok Winter? Spring is a season, in case you forgot.  You have bullied it into Summer and that is not alright.  I have a lawn to mow, deck to stain and beer to drink.  What I do not have is time for is WINTER!  You, winter, have become a toxic relationship.  Get out of my face!  You have already ruined one concert, a multitude of travel plans and my mood!  You’re finished and we are done.

If you need to find me I’ll be checking my ipad for the nearest destination with good weather.  Please feel free to join me. 

Reason #34,598 why I need to move to a tropical island. 

Thank You,