My Priority List

Whenever someone asks me “What are your priorities?” “What do you NEED to do?” I immediately get overwhelmed.  I NEED to do everything.  I need a list, I need a calendar and I need to get it done.  I am not a fan of the word ‘priorities’ or questions about them.  People get very judgemental about where THEY think YOUR priorities should be.  The rebel inside me wants to be able to do anything I want, whenever I want, in whatever order I want!!  Nobody puts baby in a corner!  But life doesn’t work that way. 

I am a firm believer we all need to learn lessons from time to time.  This year my lesson has been about priorities.  The first priority was myself.  I was going through life believing that I was putting myself first and that my overall health and well being was at the top of the list.  Turns out that wasn’t that case.  My priorities were my relationship, dieting and going out with friends but what I wasn’t working on was me. 

One day while attempting to declutter my life I came across a workbook that my life coach had given me titled “The 15 Minute Miracle.”  It is a worksheet that you fill out (with a handy dandy aid) and it helps you to let go of the frustrations and focus on the positive parts of live.  Essentially, without getting too confusing, it is a worksheet on faith and how to find it. 

When I opened the first page I saw myself 5 years ago.  I read through what I had written and my hopes, dreams, frustrations and resentment.  When I was done I realized I was once again that girl from 5 years ago.  So much had changed in 5 years but then again so much had stayed the same.  I was feeling a little lost and in need of some direction, just as I needed now.  So, I restarted the worksheets and never looked back. 

While I missed all of you these past two months, what I really needed was to be selfish and focus my energy, time and thoughts on myself.  And I am very glad I did because it’s amazing what a little time can do.

When you do the 15 Minute Miracle at the end of every day you’re asked “What will you do for yourself today?”, followed by, “What will you do for others today?”  That is my favorite part because when you treat yourself it reminds you to treat others.  Good feelings all around!  Today, I wrote this post for myself and for others who may need help refocusing their lives.  You can do so much more for others by being the best person you can be. 

If you grabbed a piece of paper right now and prioritized all the things you have to do today, would you be on that list?  Find the answer.

Till next time,