I Don’t Like Your Beer


I don’t like IPAs.  There, I said it.  I don’t like IPAs and I think they’re gross.  Yes, I have tried many different kinds.  No, I don’t want to try any more that you think I should.  It’s not magic.  I won’t change my mind.

And please don’t try to ‘beer shame’ my choices.  Don’t denounce me in a crowd to discredit my taste.  If we’re going by taste, you’re the one that needs help.  Don’t send an angry mob to my house.  It’s just beer.

To say ‘I dont like IPAs’ these days gets you some negative attention.  You almost feel like you can’t speak up for fear of serious retrobution.  When did ‘Miller Lite’ become a swear word !?!


I drink Miller Lite and I’m not ashamed, in fact I’m proud of it!  I come from the land of Pabst, Blatz, Schlitz and Miller.  A land called Milwaukee where it is much more important who you’re with (and if you can out drink them) then what kind of label is on your can.

Sure I love brewery tours and specialty beers as much as the next person but not all the time.  And whoever said drinking a specialty beer made you better than me??

For the snobs who attempt to ‘beer shame’ (you know who you are), think twice before passing judgement.  I don’t like your beer either but I don’t feel the need to tell you.

For the lovers of Miller, Bud and Coors, keep on drinking!  No shame in your game.

Happy Monday Everyone


Batman or Criminal?


For better or worse this past week has been filled with news headlines that seem like they have been ripped from a Hollywood script.  But situations look a lot different when they play out in real life than on our movie screens. 

As I watched the coverage earlier this week of the Ashley Madison hack I was filled with many conflicting emotions.  For those of you unaware, Ashley Madison was a dating website for people looking to step outside their marriage.  ‘Seriously? Thats awful? and Disgusting!’ Were the typical responses from people as they read the headlines.

Not only are we (society) upset with the now dozens of celebrities who have been outed as users but we are disgusted with the creators who seek to make money off of a troubled marriage or moment of weakness.  Interestingly enough the site was created by two married people, one of whom was also a subscriber.

What has the world come to?

Coincidentally, a group of hackers, named the Impact Team, had this same question (or just wanted a payday…who knows).  Reports indicated that the creators of Ashley Madison were contacted by the Impact Team and told to dismantle their website or every subscriber would be outed.  The plot thickens.

Wait…isn’t this a TV show?


Leverage was a modern day twist on Robin Hood.  This group of con men, thieves and hackers would steal from the immoral wealthy antagonist to help the innocent client that was wronged.  Did they break the law? Technically, yes.  Did we care? No, they were heros. 

Batman, like countless other superheros, are hailed as crime stoppers, protectors of the innocent and vigilantes of justice, truth and morality.  They are seen to most as correctors of society and are hailed as heros.  Millions in box office revenue confirms this.

In real life though, are these law breakers heros? Where does that put groups like the Impact Team?  Are they Heros (crusaders of justice) or criminals?


They illegally took away Ashley Madisons credibility and publicly embarrassed millions of ‘immoral’ people, celebrities included.

Legally, hackers are criminals.  We absolutely look at other hackers as criminals, especially when they steal our information or credit cards!

In this case, however, the consensus has been “Good! Those people got what they deserved!” or “The hackers broke the law but Ashley Madison was the real bad guy.” 

When it comes to morality, social norms or preservation of what is ‘right’ we seem to have little issue over ‘legality.’  If the law can’t fix it, criminals can?  Hmm

Criminal or hero? Seems like the line is getting a little fuzzy in this case.


If You Give a Girl a Paintbrush

For any of you familiar at all with home improvements, this should be amusing.  As some of you may know, last year I purchased a foreclosed townhouse as an investment. 

For hours and hours I scanned pintrest and houzz dreaming off all that I could do.  Then the credit card bills came calling and I came to my senses.

It truly amazes me how fast $24.99 turns into $200.  I am by no means done with the redecorating process but my wallet is in need of a break because…

If you give a girl a paintbrush,


She’s going to paint the living room,


And after she paints the living room she will want to change the blinds,


And after she changes the blinds she will want to change the light fixtures,


And after she changes the light fixtures  she going to want to buy some art,


And after she buys some art she’s going to want to change the light switch cover,


And after she changes the cover she’s going to want another paintbrush for the stairs…and maybe new carpet too!


My next post will be, “How Erin went broke painting a living room!”


Wednesday Workout Series


The phrase ‘Spin Class’ had been known to strike fear in the hearts many.  Sit bones around the world scream “please just leave me alone!”

Once upon a time I too was one of these people.  My first spin class was in college.  I was slightly overweight and in what I thought was mediocre shape.  I mean my diet consisted of food court pizza and cheese tortellini, carbs and dairy are on the food pyramid!  To this day I can barely eat pasta but that’s a story for another time.

I left that first spin class early.  I’ll admit it, I was a wimp and faked an injury.  An injury to my ass.  For years I never went to another spin class saying “It’s not for me.”

Then a few years ago I begrudgingly went with a friend.  This time, did my butt hurt? Yes.  Did I have fun? Yes! From then on I slowly started adding spin classes to my workout regimen and the truth is the first class is the hardest.  After that you hurt less and start challenging yourself at your own pace.  The difficulty is entirely up to you.  YOU are the master of your own destiny (had to say that!)

Aside from the amazing workout and the pumping music, spin has become a therapy session for me.  It’s a place where I can zone out (the bikes are stationary so you won’t fall, because I would) and release stress.  One time, I even cried.  Not the snotty, can’t catch your breath cry but a cry nonetheless.   My body just needed a release during a stressful time.

If you need a release, a new workout or just want to try spinning please checkout a local spin class and let me know how it goes!

Happy Workout Wednesday,


If you’re in the Fredericksburg area, Fly Fitness has a FREE Wednesday night Spin Class.  Sign up on the website by clicking this link Fly Fitness

CBS Sunday Morning

Raise your hand if you’ve watched CBS Sunday morning…ever?  If you didn’t raise your hand and are under 30, you are not alone.


Sundays as a kid had a specific routine in the Callen household.   First, Sunday the only day that I was allowed to eat donuts.  I remember a distinct affinity for crullers in fact.  Usually between breakfast and church my dad would turn on CBS Sunday Morning, insisting that we watch.  At 13 the last thing I wanted to do was watch the snooze news.

I grant you the format is not exactly exciting to a thirteen year old.  Despite a pretty stellar name, Charles Osgood looks like my Grandpa circa 1985.  Doesnt exactly scream ‘rockin good time.’

When I tell friends I enjoy spending Sunday Mornings with a cup of coffee and Charles Osgood’s bowtie they look at me perplexed.  What they don’t know is that CBS Sunday Morning is just good, old fashioned news.  Cultural news.  American news. World news.  It’s great!

These days we have access to information 24/7, so much so that I think many like myself have become desensitized and disinterested.  Murder, politics, corruption and moral indecency flood my newsfeed on a daily basis.  I have no need to watch them on my television screen as well.

What Sunday Morning offers is a chance to hear something different.  Something that is actually interesting.  How an ancient Vietnamese floating market survived 100 years and the Vietnam war but may not survive that age of technology?  Or perhaps you’d  just like to hear unique or inspirational stories about people in this country who are actually doing something good.

Maybe I’m alone in my preference of news but if not check out CBS Sunday Morning at 9:30/8:30 cst and let me know about that bowtie style.


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Hometown Favorites

As I sit across from my boyfriend at his favorite local dinner spot, Merk’s Place, I can’t help but get excited for my impending trip home.  Nothing gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling quite like eating at a hometown favorite. 


My favorite place in the world is Gilles Frozen Custard.  My Dad has been going there since he was a kid and anyone who grew up around Milwaukee will know Gilles.  It is the quinissential Wisconsin Frozen Custard stand.


Wisconsinites pride themselves on three things: the Packers, cheese curds and frozen custard.  When I first moved to Virginia I went to a place that advertised Wisconsin Frozen custard.  I was excited for a taste of home and while the custard was okay the feeling of home just wasn’t there. Plus they didn’t have cheeseburgers!  It is a requirement to also sell burgers the size of your head at a custard stand! 

Some of you may ask, what in the world is frozen custard?  I know what you’re thinking, frozen custard sounds disgusting!  Well, its not.  I don’t claim to be a frozen custard expert but I think it’s ice cream with egg yolks and extra milk fat.  I eat it, I don’t make it.

Anyway, no matter if you still live in your hometown or you moved far away like me, sometimes the best thing in the world is to sit with the ones you love in a place that feels like home!

Happy Eating


That Girl

Everybody has that friend. Ugh, you know her. She can be the worst! That friend that ditches you the second she gets into a new relationship.  Is it really so hard to be a good friend and have a new boyfriend? That girl needs to get it together!

While we all want to hold a grudge (rightly so, no one likes to be ditched!) you accept your friend back with open arms because they are happy and if you’re a true friend, that’s what matters. At one point or another we are all that girl.

For the last five months I have deserted you, my blog followers. No posts, no pictures and only a few unfinished drafts in my outbox. What can I say; sometimes matters of the heart are more important.  In the last five months I gained an amazing boyfriend and I wouldn’t trade it for the world but today inspiration struck and I am glad to be back behind the keyboard.

When I started this blog, my purpose was to refocus on myself, my fitness/health, my love of writing and also my attempt to make this year the best one yet. Here we are in mid-August and I can safely say that 2015 has been a pretty darn good year.  Luckily for me its not over yet!

Shall we see where it goes together!?!

Catch you on the flip side,